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AE-140, AE-240 Label Applicator

The  AE-140 Label applicator


We offer customized label applicators to our clients. We treat every client with individual approach and deliver equipment by transport companies to designated places.
The AE-140 Label applicator is used for application of rolled self-adhesive labels onto products of different shapes (film wrapped items and food products, boxes, cans, bottles, etc.).

  • Electronic control unit
  • Reliable and maintenance-friendly equipment
  • High efficiency
  • Can be integrated into any line
  • The applicator can be connected to 200 V (50 Hz) mains

People, whose work is connected with selling of various goods, often face the problem of application of different labels to their goods: price tags, bar-codes, product information, tax labels, etc. Sometimes they are very hard to apply manually, as one has to make a certain series of actions:

  • tear the label off the roll without damaging it
  • take the package from necessary side
  • take the package from necessary side
  • put the product into appropriate place.

At the same time employees have to use not hands only, which results in loss of efficiency of their work. Label applicators don’t only allow to increase the workforce productivity, making the employer happy, but disengage hands as well, being an advantage for employee without any doubts.




Application output, m/min  0,2-40
Band width (including mat), mm  10-160
Label length, mm  5-999
Maximum roll diameter, mm  300
Number of recipes  25
Dispenser inclination angle adjustment range, degrees  90
Power supply  220 V, 50 Hz
Consumer power, kW  0,5

Overall dimensions (length xwidth x height), mm 

Weight, kg, not more  38