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Feeding Bucket Conveyor

Used for product loading into dosing feeder bin

Price at request

Run-Out Conveyor

Meant for taking the packaged products out from the filling and packaging machine to receiving table

From 1 060 $

Belt-Type Conveyor Systems

Designed for loading/unloading the vehicles, transport of loose goods, order batching, product assembling, etc..

From 3 200 $


Integral+ Product Range


The modern manufacturers offer a wide range of high-technology equipment, designed for production processes optimization. The conveyance lines are used in light and food industry, as well as in metallurgy and construction. The popularity of such equipment can be explained by its outstanding characteristics, such as flexibility, affordability, reliability and durability. 

The conveyors, produced by the Integral + Research and Production Company, boast to be the undoubted leaders of the Russian market. At our official website you will find a great variety of standard equipment. We can also make customized equipment. 

  • The feeding bucket conveyors with vibrations feeders load products into dosing feeders. 
  • The run-out machines are used for taking the packaged products to receiving table.
  • The belt-type equipment and conveyor systems are used for loading, transport and assembly of products

Despite there are plenty of other machines, the heads of enterprises give precedence to belt-type conveyors. These machines are very flexible – they can be easily modified and integrated into any production process. Due to this fact the conveyor systems can be used in related fields. Standard conveyance line of such type includes a durable rubber belt, a steel trough and an electric motor, which power can be adjusted according to belt sizes and load weight. You are welcome to take opinion from our specialists when choosing the appropriate equipment.