Weighing dosing module WDM-31

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MDV-31 is a module with three streams and one cascade. This is one of the most high-performance modules. Suitable for dosing small non-dusting products as sugar, salt, or seeds.

Not suitable for powdered and dusty products which are operated by screw dosing module.

Its productivity and dosing error depend on the mass of one portion and are specified during testing on the customer's product:

Productivity — up to 30 portions per minute,
The error of dosing is ±1% of the portion weight.
Technical specifications:

Operating principle. The operation of the device is a repetitive cycles of weighing and dumping product doses. One cycle: the product is removed from the storage hopper through a vibrating tray, fed to the receiving ladle and weighed. After that, the vibrating tray is covered with a curtain, and the receiving ladle drops the dose into the receiving device or container.
MDV-31 has three streams, so production pass simultaneously along three lines of vibrating trays.

Operation. The module is controlled by a digital operator. Digital operator allows controlling the operation of the machine, adjusting the equipment units, entering and saving settings. The controller keeps in memory up to 30 different programs.
The operator sets the name of the program, necessary dose weight, the speed of trays vibration and the minimum permissible error for each type of product. Programs that are kept in the memory help quickly reconfigure the dosing machine if there is need to pack different types of products.

Additional equipment. The module is completed with additional nodes for the customer's tasks:
● vibrating trays made of corrugated stainless steel for prepackaging and hard-to-dose products,
● receiving funnel for packing in a bucket, box or bag,
● pedal for controlling the “Ladle opening” command when a predefined dose is set,
● different types of trays for product features to improve the accuracy of dosing.


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Productivity, pack /min up to 28
The dosed mass, gram, no more 2000
The volume of the load bucket, liters 5
The volume of the storage hopper, liters 140
Type of dosing Weight
Dosing accuracy According to GOST 8.579-2002
Number of memorized programs, pcs 30
Supply voltage 220 V, 50 Hz
Power consumption kW 1,5
Body material structural steel
Contact surface material Food approved materials
Overall dimensions of the device
length mm 1200
width mm 1150
height mm 850
height with a rack, mm 2650
Weight, kg 155

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