“MIG-06” horizontal packaging machine

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Intended for individual products and groups of products that are packaged in bags made of rolled materials.

It works both as part of an automatic packaging system and independently.

The machine packs food products (confectionery and bakery products), and various non-food products (books, household goods, and so on).

This is a high-speed machine with servo axes, its productivity is from 60 to 300 packages per minute, depending on the product.



Based on the customer's requirements, the machine can be made with a roll of film on top or bottom:
● “MIG-06”, a horizontal packaging machine with a roll on top.

Standard version, which is mainly used for packaging of individual products.
● “MIG-06NR”, a horizontal packaging machine with a roll on the bottom.

More suitable for group packaging. Made in this form products arrive immediately on the stretched film. This is useful if it’s required to pack products of different sorts, greens, or crumbling products.

The basic package includes an eye mark sensor for packaging products in a film with a picture and the "no product — no package" function, which stops the machine if it is not loaded, or not loaded enough with products.

The machine can also be equipped with additional devices:
● label machine for applying self-adhesive labels to packaging,
● printers for applying a barcode or date,
● devices for injection of gas or alcohol, to increase the storage life of the product,
● vacuum suction.


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Productivity Up to 90 (150)
Product length mm from 35 to 700
Product width mm from10 to 250
Product height mm up to 120
Length of formed packages, mm from 50 to 800
Width of formed packages, mm from 30 to 350
The maximum width of the reel, mm 700
Packaging material Polypropylene, comb
Film thickness, microns from 20 to 80
Maximum roll width, mm 700
Minimum roll width, mm 110
Diameter of a roll of a film, mm, no more 350
Weight of a roll, kg, no more 35
Number of memorized programs, pcs 100
Pairs of rollers on the pulling mechanism, pcs. 3
Film drive Servo
Transverse welding unit Servo
Supply voltage 380 V, 50 Hz
Power consumption kW 6
Air consumption, l / min 10
Air Pressure, Mpa 6
Body material structural steel
Contact surface material Food approved materials
Overall dimensions of the device (length × width × height), mm 4000x1300x1600
Weight, kg 800

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