Feeding bin 81 l

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In automated production it is important that products are delivered evenly and without interruption to the feeding conveyor and further into the dosing and packaging machines. This problem is solved by the feeding bin (vibrating feeder).

The vibrating feeder creates and regulates the product flow. This is the bin on a metal stand, with a vibrating tray in the lower part, and a control unit. Bulk and small-piece products are loaded into the bin, which it passes through the vibrating tray. The product feed rate is set and adjusted by the operating console.



There is no need to control the receipt of products, this happens automatically. The vibrating tray is connected to the conveyor and the dosing module. If there is more product than is necessary, the metering module sensor stops the conveyor and the vibrating trays of the bin. When the product level decreases in the receiving bin, the belt resumes operation.

The feeding bin can be used in conjunction with a bucket or belt feed conveyor. Vibrating feeder + feeding conveyor make the basic combination for feeding products to the packaging machine.

The productivity of the complex can be increased with a vibrating feeder which is installed with two vibrating trays (VPD-2).


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Loading hopper capacity, l 81
Supply voltage 220 V, 50 Hz
Power consumption kW 0,3
Overall dimensions of the device (dl × shir × vys), mm 800х800х800
Weight, kg 50

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