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Heat Shrink Film

The main requirement any package should meet is to keep the initial properties of the wrapped product unchanged. Some kinds of films are considered to be the most suitable for food products wrapping. Heat shrink film is a polymer material that shrinks at high temperatures. This polymer material reliably protects goods from the negative impacts of the environment, such as precipitation, dust and high humidity.

Heat shrink film, produced by Integral+, is remarkable for its perfect technical properties – it is resilient and durable, environmentally friendly (doesn’t contain any toxic components), and can be stored for a long time (up to 2 years). Due to its high transparency and chic gleaming the heat shrink wrapped products look more attractive.


Advantages of Heat Shrink Films:

  • Tight wrapping of products saves money
  • Low weight of the film doesn’t make the product heavier
  • Package attractiveness and transparency stimulates the customer demand

The Integral+ Research and Production Company would like to offer all kinds of heat shrink film to wholesale and retail business companies. Our prices compete favorably with the peer offers, and the perfect quality of our products is confirmed by relevant documentation. You can buy 20-250 μm thick material at our web site

The Integral+ products are heat-resistant – the material doesn’t lose its texture after the packing is over, contributing to the way a product is fixed. Many Russian customers have already made sure our products are of the highest quality, and now it’s your turn to try!