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Horizontal Packaging Machines

MIG-06 Horizontal Packing Machine

Designed for packing single piece and multi piece products (pastry and bakery, videotapes, books, house wares, etc.) into rolled materials packages as a part of packaging complex or independently.

from 29 000 $

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PUMA-1 Semi-Automated Compact Packaging Machine

Designed for rolled materials packaging of non-dusting single piece items and products (bakery, products with trays, pastry, single piece non-food products) into flow-pack type packages.

from 8 700 $

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What does the Packaging Process look like?


As a rule, such equipment makes packages called “flow-packs”, when the film is wrapped all the way around the product. Such packages look like “pillow pouches” with three seams. The process is very easy: the product is supplied to the horizontal conveyer, then, it is taken to the working area, where the product is wrapped into film and sealed. Our equipment makes it possible to pack the large volumes of products within short time.

It is important for any package to be of high quality and provide efficient protection from different kinds of damages. In order to make a package special equipment is to be used, such as horizontal packaging machines. They can be used in different areas, both for food and non-food products.