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«INPACKVUS-1» Packaging Machine

INPACKVUS Packaging Machine from 17 000 $

Equipment Advantages:

  • Reliable and maintenance friendly equipment
  • Electronic components produced by leading foreign manufacturers
  • Electronic components produced by leading foreign manufacturers

This packaging machine is meant for wrapping of non-dusting products (sweets, dumplings, cookies, cereals, pasta, whole bean coffee, nuts, pistachio, panned sweets, seeds, etc.) and non-food products of similar structure into rolled materials packages.

The machine working principle is based on cyclic package generation at two steps:

  • The film is stretched using two motors
  • Package is sealed and cut using the sealing assembly drive mechanism

The automated machine makes one package during one cycle. The cycle sensor and software guarantee the right sequence and completeness of steps.


Kinematic output packages/minute 

up to 12
Packaging materials:  heat shrink polypropylene, GOST 25951-83
laminated two-layer material, Technical Conditions: 2255-001-507-44616-00
one-layer material, Technical Conditions: 2245-002-507-44616-01
Polypropylene and stretch film, Technical Conditions: 2245-001-05179943-2005

Package material critical dimensions:

Thickness, μm: 80x160*

Width, mm: up to 850

Formed package dimensions


Positioning element type  optical, object reflection type
Film roll diameter  not more than 450 mm
Kinematic output  up to 12 packages/minute
Overall dimensions, mm  Length: 1260

Width/with ladder: 1600/2215

Height: 2335

Height with MDV-21 dosing feeder: 3350


 not more than 850 kg

Power supply:

 GOST 13109-87: 220 V, 50 Hz

Maximum consumed power

  not more than 1,6 kW

Compressed air consumption – 9,3 l  per one cycle
Operation mode 


*-depends on equipment output or discussed when making order