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Packaging Machines

Integral+ Research Company specializes in production of high technology machines of various profiles. We sell reliable equipment, meeting international standards and notable for excellent serviceability. 
We offer a wide variety of packaging machines, allowing to choose a model according to required capacity and productivity. As for equipment design we supply both chamber and chamberless machines (taking up little space and used for small size packaging).


Integral+ Product Range:

  • Packaging equipment: special purpose machines and high technology modules for different products  wrapping into polypropylene and combined films.
  • - Belt-type conveyors and other machines for production processes automation. 

Some Integral+ machines can be used for horizontal and vertical feed packaging, as well as for wrapping at any inclination angle. Our devices and automated machines are remarkable for perfect combination of price, quality and efficiency, therefore every enterprise can purchase equipment for in-house production. For another thing, our machines are powerful, compact and energy-efficient.