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Polypropylene Film

Polypropylene films are widely used for food products wrapping. This kind of packaging materials is marked by low density and reasonable durability. In line with heat shrink and stretch films, these films are suitable for print application and lamination, making the material look even more attractive. Polypropylene films are commonly used at high-speed packaging lines, for wrapping of different purpose products, such as toys, household detergents, food products.


Polypropylene Film Key Benefits:

  • Plasticity and reliability – perfectly stretchable, no tears
  • Low thermal conductivity, good moisture and air proof properties
  • Durability and resistance to physical impacts, no deformation when used
  • High transparency, gleaming

Two-axis oriented polypropylene films are considered to be the most reliable and durable kind of films. They keep their properties even at low temperatures and are suitable for dry goods and pastry packaging. The multi-layer films are used for bread wrapping. The film thickness can slightly differ from the specified one, but it doesn’t affect its properties.

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