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Sealing Machines

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IS-300 (up to 300 mm seams, manual) from 200 $
IS-400 (up to 400 mm seams, manual) from 210 $
IS-600 (up to 600 mm seams, manual) from 240 $
IS-300 (up to 300 mm seams, pedal) from 280 $
IS-400 (up to 400 mm seams, pedal) from 290 $
IS-600 (up to 600 mm seams, pedal) from 310 $
IS-720 (up to 720 mm seams, pedal) from 500 $

Sealing Machines: IS-300, IS-400, IS-600, IS-720


The IS-series sealing machines are meant for sealing of polyethylene bags and other polymer materials of different sizes, mostly at trading facilities and large chain stores. They are also used at industrial production lines, if there is a need to seal the parts or make a simple package. We also sell associated goods, such as heat shrink, PU foam and stretch film. 

The IS-300 (400, 600) sealing devices are tongs-type mechanisms with heating elements that are used for sealing of polyethylene with seams up to 3 mm thick. The seam width corresponds to the sealing device model (300-600). The devices weigh up to 2,3 kilograms. The continuous operation time is 8 hours. As for today, the sealing devices of this type are the most popular in Russia. The sealing devices have the same speed of sealing and cooling (1-6 seconds) and can be connected to standard 200 V mains. They are adjustable and easy to work with. Besides, they are very reliable and safe.