Combine Weight Dozing Module CWDM

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MDVK is multi-head weighing dosing machine. This is a high speed universal weighing module that is suitable for most types of bulk products, from sugar to dumplings.
● high productivity — up to 80 packages per minute,
● accurate packing without error,
● the ability to pack large products, such as gingerbread.



Technical specifications:

Operating principle. The product enters the vibrating cone which distributes it in a circle around trays. Trays feed the product into tundish ladles, and tundish ladles distribute to weighing ladles located below.

Different amounts of product fall into the weighing ladles. The dosing machine collects such a combination of filled ladles, which in total gives the needed portion of the product. The contents of the ladles included in the combination are dumped into the packaging machine.

Operation. The module is controlled by a digital operator. Digital operator allows controlling the operation of the machine, adjusting the equipment units, entering and saving settings. The controller keeps in memory up to 30 different programs.

The operator sets the name of the program, necessary dose weight, the speed of trays vibration and the minimum permissible error for each type of product. Programs that are kept in the memory help quickly reconfigure the dosing machine if there is need to pack different types of products.

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