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Something has always been invented in our squares. The company grew out of the design bureau of the Terminal production association, which was the first in the USSR to produce typewriters and typewriters. The plant was already producing computer peripherals in the 60s. Since then, the production of banking equipment, medical equipment, various radio complexes and, in fact, packaging equipment has been mastered.

This inventive spirit has remained — over the past 30 years we have implemented 200 developments and technologies in the production of packaging machines. We always think about what to do better and how it can be done cheaper. Therefore, we produce everything ourselves — from a sheet of metal.

Our equipment has rational solutions and the necessary functionality. This is the only way we achieve an ideal price/quality ratio, thanks to which we can maintain the availability of equipment even for novice entrepreneurs.

Two of our cars in a day can pack bread for an entire city of 100,000 people. We feel responsible for the reliability of the equipment, so we carefully prepare all the documentation.


We live in a world where it is impossible to sell any product without packaging. Without it, the product will not reach the store, and the buyer will not pay attention. Our packaging machines make sure that the products look the right way, and you can automate processes, scale up and sell more.



We are always open for cooperation

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We are always open for cooperation

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