Highly professional and timely service allows you to organize the production process on the new equipment as efficiently as possible, eliminates long downtime and associated costs, and serves as a guarantee of successful operation of the equipment


We value the efficiency and comfort of our clients. After purchasing the equipment, you get a 1-year warranty. It includes:
  • online consultations on commissioning and debugging of all processes;
  • delivery of spare parts and repairs at our expense if necessary;
  • solving all issues related to the smooth and productive operation of the equipment.

Repair parts

You can always count on our help and support. After-sales service also applies to post-warranty service. We will remotely conduct a video consultation for you and identify the cause of the fault. 

We will select the necessary spare parts, which are almost always available, at special favorable prices. 

Our own production of most spare parts allows us to quickly and effectively solve any of your problems.

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